When creating the collection for the 21SS season, due to unprecedented changes in the world, it was a season that deeply considered the sense of distance between myself and my clothes, and myself and my creation.As a result, the sense of distance is closer, and we find meaning in a more personal form.

One of the characteristics of Japanese art and culture is the beauty of the spatial "ma" and margins.There is a lingering sound there, and I feel infinite possibilities and inevitability.By having an awareness of designing the space between human skin and cloth, we bring a margin to the design of detail (or design a margin), and at the same time, make use of the cloth (create a space to create delicate and beautiful drapes and movements.  We would like to pursue a design with a material essence rather than an eye-catching (such as giving a three-dimensional effect with a rounded form).





Shot by   Jun Yasui

Styled by   Shotaro Yamaguchi

Hair by   Fumihito Maehara

Makeup by    Nobuko Maekawa

Model   Quentin Uhruch / Sena N' Singi