”wabi sabi"


Rust (internal essence), ambiguity, harmony, beauty that decays as it is, movement that is born from stillness, etc.  I feel that I want to look locally and find value in that spirit and sense because it is a world that creates uniform senses and values worldwide through globalization due to the development of science.  The theme of "wabi-sabi", which is the same as the previous season, is not the meaning of kimono, but the collection focuses on the spirit and aesthetics that Japanese people have had for a long time.  Instead of thinking about adding design, feel the internal essence (unconscious element) and create the form and shape of the material.  For materials with high drape, pleats and tacks are taken to give movement, and for materials with elasticity, a three-dimensional form is created.  In addition, we continue to keep in mind the inevitable design from the idea of respecting what it is, which is the consciousness of "wabi-sabi".  From the desire to accept decaying things, we made materials in anticipation of aging, and focused on delicate and elegant expressions and textures without feeling the texture of new products.  Regarding the color palette, we extracted it from the ambiguous colors that exist in nature, not the colors that consist of the general three primary colors like the colors in various traditional Japanese colors.  I think it is a color that is in harmony with the world and people.  In addition, as a new focus element this season, I am aware that I can feel the charm by creating a sense of discomfort due to "missing" and "removing", which are not the beauty of the completed royal road but the beauty of wabi-sabi.  ..  Furthermore, from the very Japanese way of thinking of "ma", we are cutting with an awareness of the space between the body and the cloth.  We believe that the more space there is, the more the original movement and expression of the material will be created.





Shot by   Jun Yasui

Styled by   Shotaro Yamaguchi

Hair by   Fumihito Maehara

Makeup by    Mai Kodama

Model   Jackson Beyda / Arthur, D