The origin of the act of wearing cloth. The act of tying, which has been seen since ancient times all over the world, is not only the functionality, but also the first creative, productive, and constructive technology of mankind with the spirituality and decorativeness that can be thought of. I believe that Japanese culture is the most evolved country in the world in the act of "connecting."  Decorative art with functionality, represented by Mizuhiki and braids, is a unique culture unlike any other in the world.I thought that "knot" was a form created in pursuit of "rationality of beauty", and found that value in creation and production.




Shot by   Yuji Fukuhara

Hair by   Miho Emori

Makeup by    Dakuzaku

Model   Diogo / Veronika Primorac






Shooting in Paris

Special thanks


Louis Rubi

Daniel Corrales

Model   Bachir