"Crossing SHINE"


All things are made up of multiple elements. One shines more brightly when one is crossed with another.

A new form with functionality through the fusion of existing garments, Change in use and expression by detaching and attaching parts.

In textile production, we focused on suiting fabrics, a classical Western perception. The suit fabrics are made to have conflicting textures and expressions by using jacquard weave for oriental expressions and bonding processes. Traditional textile tweed is given a fresh image with a relaxed shape, etc.

The collection aimed to transcend existing stereotypical perceptions and express new possibilities through the intersection of a single recognizable element. And through this product, we hope to create a variety of interactions among people.


Shot by   Chie Fukami

Hair & Make-up by   Satoshi Shinohara / yuu  (MUEbelle)

Model    Dichaba / Oga